Amazon Sustainable Farming

Why every purchase counts

Every purchase of Omega Oil directly contributes to reforestation of the Amazon and improving the lives of those living in the Peruvian Amazonia.

The Bioactive Sacha Inchi oil in all of Botanico Vida’s products comes from Peru’s OMEGA Project.

The OMEGA Project was established in 2001 by the Peruvian government with the aim of respecting the environment and Amazonian farmers’ quality of life. The project aims to reforest 20,000 hectares of the Amazon with indigenous Sacha Inchi, native trees and indigenous food and medicinal plants. This project will create 8,000 new direct or indirect jobs in farming, industry and services. So far, fifty-five farmers’ associations, twenty-five collection centers and one unit for oil production have been created. To help this exceptional project achieve their goal every bottle of Botanico Vida's Omega Oil contains 15% of Bioactive Sacha Inchi Oil so that every purchase of Omega Oil directly impacts the viability of the Omega Project and the reforestation of the Amazon. 

Sacha Inchi Production through the Omega Project