Our Story

This is the story of a little seed with a lot of power.  It helps care for our skin... the communities who harvest it... and the planet we live on.

The Sacha Inchi plant grows in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest

It is one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth, and one of the most threatened.  Seeds from the Sacha Inchi plant have been consumed by the Peruvian Amazonians for thousands of years, but it has only recently been discovered just how good they are for us. These remarkable seeds contain the highest concentration of Omega Oil of any known plant source – in particular Omega 3 – an essential nutrient for brain, heart and skin health that our bodies cannot produce. Sacha Inchi seeds contain 90% Omega Fatty Acids, 54% of which is Omega 3, while also offering high levels of protein and Vitamin E.

Kristy Cimesa, founder of skincare brand Elemental Herbology came across Sacha Inchi seed oil in 2009 and decided to try it on her baby son Noah’s eczema. She was astounded by the improvement. Kristy’s friends and family began to use the oil on everything from dry skin, to sunburn and wrinkles. Every time, it made astonishing improvements.

Inspired, Kristy partnered with friend Hannah Becker and set about developing the most Omega rich multi-purpose body oil on the market

Kristy Cimesa and Hannah Becker Co Founders Botanico Vida

To Sacha Inchi oil they added other organic, omega rich oils such as Argan, Rosehip and Avocado and created a unique blend with outstanding skin penetration and a beautiful scent. This blend became ‘Omega Oil’ the hero product of their new company Botánico Vida (or ‘plant life’).

Clinical tests on Omega Oil prove regular use gives a 45% improvement in skin elasticity – crucial in times of rapid growth such as pregnancy and teenage years.  Skin hydration improves by 19% after only 2 weeks
of regular daily use and 96% of users felt their skin was softer and smoother.

But there’s more to Omega Oil than its ability to nurture skin...

Kristy and Hannah source Sacha Inchi oil from the Omega project, in Peru.  Sacha Inchi is planted on land destroyed by modern agriculture and is farmed organically and sustainably. The Omega project has helped
support the creation of 8000 jobs in the Peruvian Amazonia and contributes to the reforestation of up to 20,000 hectares of land. Every purchase of Omega Oil helps the Omega Project to protect the rainforest and the livelihood of thousands of people living in the Peruvian Amazon.

Omega Oil has gained an impressive following of users and stockists in its first two years on the market. People are waking up to the benefits of Natural Bioactive skincare, with everyone from Mums using it on their children’s eczema, to grandmas using it after surgery, to make-up artists using it to prep skin before applying products. In December 2018 Omega Balm was launched, with Bioactive Sacha Inchi Oil. It is designed to complement Omega Oil and provide a protective nourishing layer, to help with severe eczema, dry lips, heels, hands, and as an overnight treatment in addition to Omega Oil. The range provides all that is needed for the care of your family’s skin, through all stages in life .

Not bad for one little seed.

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