Why omega oil and balm are just so effective.


We like to think of Omega Oil as a remedy for the skin. It is 100% natural but clincially effective which elevates it out of the realm of pampering bodycare and into the world of serious, solution driven skincare. Having worked in the skincare industry for over 20 years i have seen so many brands launch marketing campaigns that are full of big promises that sadly so often underdeliver. This was one of the primary drivers that led Hannah and I to create Botanico Vida. It delivers a simple but extraordinarily nutritious product that can be used by the whole family for a whole range of skincare concerns without any of the fluff or empty promises. The reason Omega OIl and Balm are just so effective is that they contain the building blocks of our skin - the omegas! Every cell needs omega oil to function effectively and when we apply Omega Oil topically it works naturally (just as it does internaly when we take a supplement) by putting the skin's building blocks, essential fatty acids and other vitamins, directly back into the skin. The oils absorbs directly into the skin and is immediately utilised by the skin, helping to reduce redness, dryness, irritation and poor elasticity as the cells are effectivley ‘re-fuelled’. Kristy Cimesa.